Patch Test Instructions

Before having any treatment, if you have not had the treatment before you will need to take a patch test to ensure you will not have any allergic reactions to the pigment or numbing creams used during the procedure.

Jade will send the patch test to you via post. Below are some simple instructions on how to complete the test.

You will receive two pots. One of coloured pigment and one of white numbing cream

  • Simply put a dot of each substance behind each of your ear lobes. Using a cue tip is usually the best way to do this.
  • Please leave both substances on for 24 hours. 
  • If you have any sort of reaction to them, redness, itching etc..please contact Jade to notify her
  • Please take the test as soon as possible as the substances can dry out if left to long
  • Please do not open the pots before taking the test as again this can cause them to dry out and render them useless

If you have any questions please contact Jade at