Brows before Botox

Are thinking of having a Semi permanent brow treatment but also want Botox? Which do I have first?

I have both treatments and for me its better to start with your brows and then move onto botox. There are many theories on this. Some say it is ok to have botox then your permanent makeup treatment a few weeks later, but in my opinion and experience, its fair smarter and safer to do this the other way round and here’s why.

What is Botox?

Botox essentially is a muscle relaxant. An injection of botox blocks the nerve signals that are sent to the muscles around the injected area, which in turn creates that smooth wrinkle free look we all desire. 

The issue with having botox before you have your eyebrow treatment is that once the botox is administered it will start to wear off over the course of 4-6 months. Meaning that your muscles around the area will be contracting and constantly moving (albeit very slowly) during this period. So ideally the skin needs to be in its natural state for the permanent makeup treatment.

That being said, it becomes harder for the SPMU technician to create the perfect brow shape whilst the botox is working its magic. Imagine throwing a dart at a dart board and hitting the bullseye, then in a few weeks the bullseye has moved slightly and your dart is no longer in the centre. 

You run the risk of the botox effecting each brow differently and the pigment of the tattoo ending up misaligned creating a lack of symmetry between your brows. The last thing you would want is one brow higher than the other or even being different shapes. We know eyebrows are not all the same (they are sisters not twins) but the perfect brows are as symmetrical is possible and the botox could well effect the final result.

Some people might be having botox consistently every three months, which is not a problem. If this is not the case, it is best to wait for the botox to wear off. Make sure you have a consultation with you SPMU technician so you know the pros and cons of going ahead with the procedure as the technicians will have to give advice on how to give you the best results.

Please don’t confuse this blog as a “Botox Bashing” as it is certainly not. Like i say, I have both Botox and permanent makeup procedures myself.  I will continue to do so and have been over the moon with the results. It is the order in which you have the treatments. In my opinion, it becomes a no brainer to go ahead with the brows before the botox.  The same goes for lip fillers and lip tattoos. Always have the tattoo, then fillers. 

I really hope this helps and if anyone reading this has any questions on this topic, feel free to email me or come for a consultation chat to discuss your situation in more depth.

Enjoy the Summer!

Jade Jefford

Semi Permanent Brow Specialist