To Brow or not to Brow...?

Hi People

Thanks so much for visiting my page, this week I thought I’d share with you the steps that started me on my journey into the world of Semi Permanent Make Up, Or SPMU as its also known. 

Having very dark hair myself, you would think I was blessed with thick dense hair. Well you couldn’t be more wrong.  Through all of my twenties I have been trying out hair extensions, thickening shampoos, hair masks, growth serums, juicing, tablets and more, you name in I’ve tried it. I’m afraid I’m am just one of those people with thin, limp. lifeless hair. This also goes for the brows!! 

Having such sparse hairs was a bonus in the 90’s when the trend was to pluck them to within an inch of your life, leaving a thin line resembling a small golf club. After years of over plucking and waxing, when the brow trend changed, my poor brows were left sparse and I had very little to work with. 

Then 5-6 years ago came the brow pencils and powders. Oh lord, I wish I knew then what I know now. The importance of choosing a colour or shade that actually matches your skin instead of the darkest brown Rimmel pencil from Superdrug for £2.99! Not a good look. 

Before any brow help.....!!

Before any brow help.....!!

I studied photos of myself & sought the help of a HD brow stylist.  I was hooked after the first treatment. She transformed my brows via a 7 step process to make them somewhat ok to wear and I invested in new brow make up and was shown how to use it. Over time the brows transformed and when people say that eyebrows are the frame to your face, they aren't wrong. 

When I got engaged I continued having 18 more months of 4 weekly brow treatments at £25 a pop for the big day as I wanted to look my best.  I decided that there must be another option.  They only looked amazing for a maximum of 2 weeks out of the month, when the tint dyed down and the hair growth started again.

These are some of my thoughts and reasons that led me to look into SPMU, some of which you may be able to relate to:-

  • I am up at 6-6.30am everyday to grab a coffee and head to the gym
  • I don't want to be in said gym with makeup melting down my face
  • I would rather have the extra 15 mins in bed 
  • I am on holiday a fair bit throughout the year and love to travel
  • I am a water baby on holiday who likes the odd cannonball or nose pose at the side of the pool in wedges and a full face of makeup
  • I am a tiny bit lazy at applying brows day in day out every morning. It bored me. I HAVE BETTER THINGS TO BE DOING! 

Eventually having good brows became the norm over the last 18 months. I was spending my £25 on HD brow treatments. Each year this was £300!!!!  I needed something with less commitment yet more permanent.

 I came across SPMU through TOWIE and decided to look into it. I am a person who researches EVERYTHING. As a self confessed Facebook stalker, I trawl though endless pages, posts, blogs & companies. I found that it was approx £300 for a good set of brows and every 12-18 months you have a top up/colour boost which is approx half the original price. So in the long run its cheaper, more permanent, will save me time everyday and I will look on “fleek” on the beach and in the gym. SOLD? I think so!

I came across Nouveau Contour and saw that they advertised a training program with them. I have always been into beauty and consider myself a pretty artistic person taking Art at GCSE and A Level. Armed with all the information, I decided that this was the career I wanted to pursue. 

Having completed my training with Nouveau and feeling like I have done a thorough nursing degree (intense and handwork), and having my own brows done, I never knew how much confidence it can give to a woman and the amount of time it saves in the mornings.  I absolutely love my job and wish I had taken the plunge sooner. 

If you have any questions about what the process involves, or if you wish to discuss how I can help you, please feel free to get in touch via email or 07874068700 or check out my website and gallery



After Semi Permanent Makeup. Bar, Beach and Cocktails on my holiday in Oz this year - no brow makeup in sight!

After Semi Permanent Makeup. Bar, Beach and Cocktails on my holiday in Oz this year - no brow makeup in sight!