Brows before Botox

Are thinking of having a Semi permanent brow treatment but also want Botox? Which do I have first?

I have both treatments and for me its better to start with your brows and then move onto botox. There are many theories on this. Some say it is ok to have botox then your permanent makeup treatment a few weeks later, but in my opinion and experience, its fair smarter and safer to do this the other way round and here’s why.

What is Botox?

Botox essentially is a muscle relaxant. An injection of botox blocks the nerve signals that are sent to the muscles around the injected area, which in turn creates that smooth wrinkle free look we all desire. 

The issue with having botox before you have your eyebrow treatment is that once the botox is administered it will start to wear off over the course of 4-6 months. Meaning that your muscles around the area will be contracting and constantly moving (albeit very slowly) during this period. So ideally the skin needs to be in its natural state for the permanent makeup treatment.

That being said, it becomes harder for the SPMU technician to create the perfect brow shape whilst the botox is working its magic. Imagine throwing a dart at a dart board and hitting the bullseye, then in a few weeks the bullseye has moved slightly and your dart is no longer in the centre. 

You run the risk of the botox effecting each brow differently and the pigment of the tattoo ending up misaligned creating a lack of symmetry between your brows. The last thing you would want is one brow higher than the other or even being different shapes. We know eyebrows are not all the same (they are sisters not twins) but the perfect brows are as symmetrical is possible and the botox could well effect the final result.

Some people might be having botox consistently every three months, which is not a problem. If this is not the case, it is best to wait for the botox to wear off. Make sure you have a consultation with you SPMU technician so you know the pros and cons of going ahead with the procedure as the technicians will have to give advice on how to give you the best results.

Please don’t confuse this blog as a “Botox Bashing” as it is certainly not. Like i say, I have both Botox and permanent makeup procedures myself.  I will continue to do so and have been over the moon with the results. It is the order in which you have the treatments. In my opinion, it becomes a no brainer to go ahead with the brows before the botox.  The same goes for lip fillers and lip tattoos. Always have the tattoo, then fillers. 

I really hope this helps and if anyone reading this has any questions on this topic, feel free to email me or come for a consultation chat to discuss your situation in more depth.

Enjoy the Summer!

Jade Jefford

Semi Permanent Brow Specialist

Eyebrows on Fleek


Last week I visited the fab Jade at Feathered Ink to get my eyebrows tattooed . I've had them done before but have never been totally happy with the results and they had faded a lot so decided to give it one more chance and I could not be happier. I went for my consultation to match up my colours etc a few weeks earlier and then my appointment day arrived.

I'm so happy with the outcome and was really surprised it only took a couple hours and it didn't hurt at all! Jade made me feel at ease throughout making sure I was comfortable and not in pain. Firstly my eyebrows were drawn on to make sure we had the perfect shape and I was happy and then tattooed on. Checking the shape throughout and making sure I was ok, the process itself took no more than 45 mins. I can honestly say I felt that relaxed I could of fallen asleep! 

I am so happy with the results and couldn't recommend Jade more, she was amazing and very precise and made me feel relaxed and at ease. I am week into my healing and they are almost already fully healed and I haven't had much fading which Im pleased about.

One happy customer :-)

Naomi Millbank-Smith

Brow Shapes…. What Shape Suits Me?

So I have been reflecting back to before I had my brows done and I was pencilling and shaping them in the style given to me by my brow beautician. But did this suit my face shape and enhance my brow? Being the serial over thinker that I am, I had thoughts like were they too thick? Too Thin? Too Long? Too Close together? Too Flat? The list goes on. So I thought I would share some knowledge regarding ideal brows for your face shape.

That said, if you are happy with what shape you have and just want an enhancement, this is perfect too. I am here to guide you and give you as much information as possible and we arrive at the outcome together. So here goes.

Rectangular/ Oval Face

Long and slender and the same width at the forehead and cheekbones. With this brow it is recommended to create a slightly flatter brow with length and not so close together. 

Gwyneth Paltrow is an example of a celeb with an oval face

Gwyneth Paltrow is an example of a celeb with an oval face

Round Face

This face shape is as long as it is wide. The widest points are at the cheeks and ears. The chin and the hairline are usually rounded. An angled brow will slim a rounded face. 

Square Face

A strong square jawline is present with a square hairline although the horizontal and vertical aspects the face are similar. A bigger, longer brow with height is recommended however not too angled. Soften the face shape, widen the arch and lift it. Avoid flat or rounded brows. 

Demi Moore is an example of a celeb with a square shaped face

Demi Moore is an example of a celeb with a square shaped face

Heart Shaped Face

Wide cheek bones and/ or a wide forehead. The face narrows to a delicate chin. These face shapes have length.  Add height to the brow and never lift the tail. 

Michelle is an example of a celeb with a heart shape face

Michelle is an example of a celeb with a heart shape face

Triangle Shaped face

The opposite of the heart shape. The jawline is prominent and the widest measurement of the face.  The face is narrower at the temple and cheekbones with a smaller forehead.  Create a longer brow with a shorter tail. 

Kelly Osborne is an example of a celeb with an triangular face

Kelly Osborne is an example of a celeb with an triangular face

Diamond shape

Forehead and jawline similar width with the cheekbones being the widest measurement of the face. Cross between a heart and an oval shape. Make the arch wider here and lift the tail to create symmetry. Occasionally drop the bulb.

Celebs with a diamond shape face include Jennifer Love Hewitt

Celebs with a diamond shape face include Jennifer Love Hewitt

 Confused which face shape you are or what brow might suit you? Get in touch and we can have a no obligation ‘Brow chat’ to enhance your look. Few people have the brows they want and I would like to give them to you. Jade XOXO

Lets talk tattoos

OK so lets talk Tattoo’s….

I decided to get a cover up of an old tattoo I had a long time ago on my foot and it prompted me to look into the differences between your regular tattoo’s and a Semi Permanent Makeup tattoo. There are some people out there who believe this is done in the same way with the same equipment and a lot of clients worry their eyebrows will go green blue.  I can confirm that that is not the case but the methods are similar.

Nostalgic Memories…

The stars on the side of my foot. A Chinese symbol on my hip on holiday in Malta when I was 16!   My “Live, Laugh, Love” quote on my ribs was an Ibizan induced haze with my close friend Rach,  and a set of crossed arrows with my Husbands initials on my forearm. Do you know what? Every single one takes me back to exactly where I was and who I was with at that moment in time and its very Nostalgic. Its a reminder to me that at one point in my life that was exactly what I wanted and thats true with a lot of things in life. 

So the reason for the cover up on my foot was really an excuse to get another tattoo! LOL Its strangely addictive!  Being the wild child that I am, I have documented my before and after pics below for you to have a good look at. Heres what I have found out regarding differences between my tattoo and Semi permanent make up and what us SMPU technicians do on your face. 

Semi Permanent Cosmetics are a process of placing permanent pigment into the Upper Dermal layers of the skin which fade over time as the skin regenerates, however some of the pigment may reside in the skin indefinitely. Other names include Derma pigmentation, Micro pigmentation, Microblading, etc. It all comes down to the same process which is in fact, Cosmetic Tattooing. It is just that the method, technique and tools used are all gentler and in the upper skin layers. 

General Tattoos are placed much deeper into the skin layers and the pigments used will remain indefinitely. Boy did I find that out! Anyone who has had a foot tattoo and a rather large one at that, will relate to what I have just been thorough. No numbing creams were used and needles were placed ALOT deeper than I do on your brows, lips and eyes. If one more person asks me do eyebrows hurt, I might cry. LOL Joking!  So afterwards,  I was limping and out of action for 3 days and being waiting on by my husband hand and foot (sorry I couldn't help it!). Which you can gather, he wasn't very happy about having to do things for me.


I consider myself to have quite a high pain threshold butthe comparison to a foot tattoo with no numbing cream for 2.5 hours and having my eyebrows tattooed…there is no contest! I can safely say that I could sit there for 10 hours having eyebrows tattooed all over my body! I genuinely have people fall asleep while I am designing their brows and most people say on a scale of 0-10, the scratchiness is a 0.5-1 on that scale. 

So the moral of the story is, If you have given birth, had a foot tattoo, surgery etc etc I would say you are a Queen and will nail this. If you have not and consider yourself a wimp, I can assure you… IT DOES NOT HURT LOL!!!!  

I will make you as comfortable as possible and relax you. I use stretch techniques to lessen the scratch sensation and you can also be numbed. This is your choice. 

Check out my latest video on My Facebook page (Feathered Ink Permanent Cosmetics by Jade Jefford) of my lovely Client Natalie getting her brows done. You can see her saying it does not hurt with no face flinches at all. 





before tattooing went ahead with the stencil applied. 

before tattooing went ahead with the stencil applied. 

After 1 week. Still healing.

After 1 week. Still healing.

Where does the time go?

2nd Wedding Anniversary

So its was my 2 year wedding anniversary last week! I cannot believe how fast it has gone. The hubby and I went for a lovely pub lunch at the Shepherd and Dog, Essex (TOWIE favourite) and it was really lovely. I would highly recommend it. The garden is beautiful if its a sunny day, which it was for us. I couldn’t go to cray cray on the Champers as I had my Nouveau Permanent Cosmetic Silver Training with Bridgette Softley and Steve Douch at Purley, so a 4 plus hour round trip on Wednesday through to friday was not needed with a hangover. 

Nouveau Silver Training
I loved the training and enhanced my skills and needle techniques for brows, lips and eyes. I can now offer a power effect eyebrow (block brow), combination brow (a mixture of hairstrokes and powder effect) and a baby eyeliner (slightest small flick on the top lash).

Pro Lip Colours

I finally got to use Karen Betts professional lip colours which aren’t officially out until Autumn and you girls are in for a treat. The colours are gorgeous and I cannot wait to show you the whole range. Raspberry Bellini is the one!!! 

OMG Yonce!!!
Got a lovely surprise from the Husband at 10.30pm on the anniversary that we are going to see BEYONCE next sunday in CLUB WEMBLEY. Anyone that knows me knows I’m obsessed and never miss a show. Was gutted as I couldn’t get tickets this year as they had all sold out when I went to purchase. What a lovely surprise but I must be honest I dont know what Club Wembley is all about as I have never been, but as long as Queen Bey is there and Bubbles are in hand I don’t care!! Ill report back with some pics next time.

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts ladies! Jade x